S. No.CourseValidityCourse Fee
Full GATE Courses
1GATE Mechanical 2025/26/273 Years25,000
2GATE Mechanical 2025/262 Years20,000
3GATE Mechanical 20251 Year15,000
Subject Combos and Modules
4Design Module1 Year5,000
5Thermal Module1 Year5,000
6Production Module1 Year4,000
7Fluid Module1 Year4,000
8Industrial Engineering and Operation Research Module1 Year3,000
Individual Subjects Courses
9Strength of Materials1 Year2,000
10Theory of Machines1 Year2,000
11Machine Design1 Year2,000
12Mechanical Vibrations1 Year2,000
13Engineering Mechanics1 Year2,000
14Engineering Thermodynamics1 Year2,000
15Heat Transfer1 Year2,000
16Refrigeration and Air Conditioning1 Year2,000
17Internal Combustion Engine1 Year2,000
18Steam Generation and Power1 Year2,000
19Fluid Mechanics1 Year2,000
20Hydraulic Machines1 Year2,000
21Operation Research1 Year2,000
22Industrial Engineering1 Year2,000